If you believe in academic freedom and are concerned about the regressive and censorious attacks against critical thought in institutions of knowledge, I could use your help. If you have a commentary for the blog, materials for existing courses, and/or ideas for future courses, please reach out.


This site is dedicated to small “d” democratic and humanist principles with an emphasis on academic freedom. All such ideas and materials are welcome and will be appreciated. This site will offer no courses nor give “equal time” to ideas and materials that are contrary to the mission of advancing free thought, democracy, and humanistic ideals. Materials supportive of authoritarianism, fascism, totalitarianism, ethnocentrism, misogyny, or any related form of exclusionary or dehumanizing value systems will not be entertained. Also, ideas and materials that may support the mission, but are not supported with valid and/or reliable data, or a logically consistent argument will also be ignored.

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